Our story

Our story starts with my Grandfather, a winegrower and cooper. In 1955, my parents Jean and Germaine left their native Bresse and crossed the Saône to try their luck in the Macon region, in the southern Burgundy region. They started work as vineyard employees int the little village of Fuissé, wich nestles at the heart of Pouilly-Fuissé vineyard country. In 1959 they started tenant farming, finally settling in 1971 in a small 3-hectare domaine that was, at the time, owned by an engineer from Lyon. The domaine was called LES VIEUX MURS.

For as long as I can remember, vines have been part of the fabric of my world. On Thursdays, I used to join my father amongst the vines. I loved the grape harvests. In 1978 I was 20 and when my father died, I took over from him. I was married in 1980 and we've been lucky enough to have 3 children - 2 girls and a boy. Along with my wife Monique, we set up the Domaine de FUSSIACUS in 1989 followed by our 2003 purchase of Domaine des GRANGES, formerly of CHATEAU DE CHAINTRÉ. We re-named it in 2009.

I am proud that I have passed my passion for wine and the vine to our son Yannick. He joined the family business in September 2005 having already completed his studies in viticulture and oenology.