Charter of the Independent Winemaker

Being an Independent Winemaker is the mark of high standards. It is the mark of diversity of lands, climates, khow-how, men and women.

By calling ourselves Independent Winemakers, we subscribe to the values of : Responsibility, engagement and professionalism.

We nurture the earth, make our wines and market them. We are engaged because we choose to use innovative working methods, without harming our heritage - a heritage we choose to preserve and protect. To underline our commitment to the quality or our wine, we have signed the Charter of Independent Winemaker.


This Winemaker

  • Respects his terroir,
  • Cultivates his vineyard,
  • Harvests grapes,
  • Vinifies his own wine,
  • Bottles his wine in his private cellar,
  • Sells his wine,
  • Perpetuates tradition
  • Is happy to welcome you, to give you advice about tasting and introcue you his production

Only the Winemaker
whose signature appears below, and who is member of
the Independant Winemakers of France
may use this logo.